A University of Creativity and Experiment: Supporting Research-Creation Funding. 
Jun 21 2023, 12-1pm EST. 

Natalie Loveless uses the terms creativity and experiment, as well as feminism and eros, to describe the potential of research-creation in the university. As she notes, in Canada, research-creation is a new category that not only indicates channels of support and funding for art practices, but also reflects larger shifts in arts and humanities research. While she argues for the potential of transdisciplinary, hybrid research-creation practices, she also notes that artists may feel out of place in the world of research-creation, needing to translate their creative work into “humanities and social sciences logics and languages”, including funding. This presentation will address exactly this conundrum as it appears for research development professionals, including facilitators, by asking how we might best support this new and exciting category of research, as well as our artist-researchers, through funding opportunities. It will approach this question specifically, but not solely, through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s (SSHRC) research-creation grants. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the history of research-creation at SSHRC, and explore a few relevant definitions and takeaways from scholars and artists like Loveless. I will then offer my own perspective, best practices, and challenges as a research facilitator, and offer insights from artist-scholar faculty members at my university who have been successful in applying for research-creation grants. My hope is this presentation will then also spark discussion about others’ challenges and successes, sharing ideas and information to support our work.
Presented by: Kimberly O’Donnell

Kimberly O’Donnell is the Research Facilitator in the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Her work supports pre-award application development and submission, including grant proposal review, developmental editing, blue sky funding planning, and workshops. In her role, she supports faculty funding applications across a broad range of programs, including all three Tri-Council agencies, as well as CFI, NFRF, CCA, among others. She is always looking for ways to better support research funding applications. Kimberly holds a PhD in English from SFU and has published work on the body in literature. She is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of English at SFU, and along with having experience teaching literature courses, she has recently taught an applied course on writing and revision. As a CARA member, she very much appreciates the community support and networks of learning.

Event Date: 21 Jun 2023 | City: | Venue: Online

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