Research Outputs, Outcomes and Impact

Research Outputs, Outcomes and Impact. 
Jan 23 2024, 12-1pm EST. 

This interactive session will cover a brief overview of research impact throughout the research process from conceptualization to outputs and outcomes. We will cover the common stages of the research process and assess how to consider impact at each stage. It is easy to lose sight of intended impacts in research within academia, and this session will challenge this norm by coaching you on how to monitor, assess, and sustain impact throughout research. No matter what field you come from or what career stage you are at, this session will be valuable to you as you conduct your own research or support research.

Presented by: Zeenat Ladak 

Zeenat Ladak is a Course Developer and Instructor at Mohawk College in Ontario. They are a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto with experience in methods and frameworks used to evaluate research impact. Zeenat is also a Research Assistant with Women's College Hospital in Toronto working on sustaining, spreading, and scaling healthcare interventions across Canada through implementation science strategies. Their research interest focuses on implementation science, health equity, health systems, maternal and child care, and medical education. Zeenat also holds the position of Senior Evaluator with the Team Primary Care Initiative under the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Event Date: 23 Jan 2024 | City: | Venue: Online