Research Audits

Research Audits. 
Nov 28 2023, 12-1pm EST. 

This webinar will cover the challenges with research audits. Both research auditors and university external year end auditors are becoming increasingly less tolerant. The amount of information being requested is overwhelming and causes a large administrative burden on staff.

Reps from McMaster, York and Memorial will facilitate a discussion on the challenges encountered and any strategies in place to reduce the burden associated with detailed audits.

Presented by:

Dave Reinhart
Dave Reinhart is the Director Research Finance and Administration at McMaster University.  He began his role at McMaster University in October 2017 and prior to that, he was at the University of Guelph for 17 years in Research Administration.  Dave is continuously trying to make improvements to keep up with the sponsor and researcher demands.  His goal is to provide relevant information to sponsors, researchers and any other stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner.

Melissa Squires
Melissa Squires has been a member of CARA for over 16 years.  She presents and facilitates finance sessions at the CARA regional and national conferences.  She feels that CARA it is a great way to network and share best practices with your colleagues from all across Canada.

Melissa is currently the Manager of Research Accounting at Memorial University and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Memorial University and a CPA, CGA designation.

Angela Zeno
Angela Zeno is a long-time leader in CARA's finance community and has been recognized for her achievements in welcoming new colleagues to CARA, co-developing conferences workshops for fellow finance experts, and presenting research finance webinars to our membership. Angela is a networking catalyst among research finance professionals and she has helped created a collegial, dynamic community of her peers.

Event Date: 28 Nov 2023 | City: | Venue: Online