Canadian Association of Research Administrators - Executive Travel Policy


CARA executive members (President, Past President, Vice President, Treasurer, Executive Director) travel nationally and internationally to promote CARA and liaise with and learn from our sister organizations. Travel may include, but is not restricted to, attendance at conferences, workshops, seminars, and other relevant meetings. CARA will endeavor to support a core executive attending the following partner conferences/meetings:

  • SRA, ARMA, NCURA, INORMS, EARMA (Attendance by President/Past President/Vice President/Executive Director/Treasurer)
  • CASRAI, Network of Networks, or similar organizations. (Attendance by a core executive member, preferably local to the conference, if budget allows.)

Conference/meetings attendance will be prioritized by CARA’s core executive in keeping with the Strategic Plan, current commitments under Memorandums of Understanding with other organizations, budget constraints, and with the underlying goal of investing in travel that provides the greatest benefit to CARA membership. In the event a current Executive Committee member will not be attending another organization’s conference, the complimentary registration will normally be declined for that year.


Costs Covered

  1. President: 100% of one US/International trip per year
  2. Vice President: 100% of one US/International trip per year
  3. Treasurer:  100% of one US or Canadian trip
  4. Past President: 100% of one trip per year over a 3-year term, either Canadian, US or international
  5. Executive Director: 100% of the cost to travel to CARA National and other workshops if budget allows.
  6. CARA Program Coordinator: 100% of the cost to travel to CARA National and other workshops if budget allows.
  7. Discretionary travel: In the event, one of the executive members is unable to travel as noted above, he/she may choose a delegate to travel on his/her/their behalf to represent CARA in consultation with the CARA Board of Directors. The chosen delegate would have to be attending as a representative of CARA, not their institution of employment.
  8. Local conferences: Financial support may be provided to members of the Board of Directors or other CARA members who travel to local/regional conferences or meetings to represent CARA at the direction of the core executive.    


No travel arrangements should be made prior to discussion with the President and Treasurer to ensure core executive travel is appropriately coordinated and budgeted for the events listed above. Attendance at any additional events outside those mentioned above requires the President’s approval (to ensure it is appropriate to CARA’s mission and the strategic plan) and the Treasurer’s approval (to ensure there are sufficient funds).


Communication of Merits of Travel

Each person who travels to a conference, meeting or other event paid by CARA is to provide a financial/expense report to the executive committee and a narrative report on the benefit of the conference to CARA.


Expense Reports

To receive reimbursement for travel on behalf of CARA, an individual must complete an expense report form. Receipts are required for all expenses claimed. For claims under $2,000, the expense claim must be approved by one of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Executive Director. In the case of a claim for $2,000 or more, the claim must be approved by two of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and/or Executive Director.


Treasury Board per-diem rates are acceptable for each day of travel, including the day before and the day after the event.  This policy applies to all individuals traveling on behalf of CARA.


Questions about this policy may be directed to the Executive Director and/or Treasurer.


In the event of inconsistency between the French and English version, the English language version shall prevail.


Approved by the CARA Board of Directors on 30 April 2016

Revised May 2017 and 26 May 2018 and 16 July 2019