Canadian Association of Research Administrators' Code of Ethics



This Code of Ethics is not intended as a stand-alone document, nor does it embody the totality of the ethical standards that a Research Administrator must adhere to.  This document supports a broad effort to set forth appropriate standards of ethical conduct to enhance the profession of Research Administration.

Research Administrators have a responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with this Code of Ethics, to understand its application to their professional conduct, and to strive to adhere to its principles and values.



The intent of the Research Administrator’s Code of Ethics is to set forth and promote a common set of values to enhance the professionalism, competency, and integrity of the Research Administration profession, and foster a healthy environment in which we can evolve. Research Administrators are expected to use these values to maintain the highest level of professional and personal conduct to enhance the standards of the profession.


Professional Conduct

We shall strive to gain and maintain the trust and respect of researchers, employers, peers, research funding agencies, and the public at large.  We will act in a respectful and courteous manner in all professional dealings with others, taking particular care to avoid acts that might be construed as to prejudice, intimidation, or harassment.  We will promote the profession, model respectful conduct, and avoid unwarranted negative criticism of colleagues. 


Professional Competence

We accept that we have a responsibility to maintain and enhance our core professional competencies, increase our professional knowledge and skills, and apply them in practice. We will freely share our professional knowledge with others to increase the knowledge base of our profession.

Professional Responsibility

We shall follow both the letter and the spirit of the laws, regulations, and policies impacting our research administration responsibilities.  We shall be mindful that we are stewards of the funds, both public and private, that have been provided to support and facilitate research work.  We shall be diligent in the use and protection of sensitive information or data.

Conflict of Interest

We shall avoid conflicts of interest, whether actual or perceived, wherever and whenever possible. Conflict of interest issues shall be managed with appropriate authorities as needed.


Commitment to Equity

We shall act in good faith-promoting ethical integrity in all of our actions. We will not practice, condone, facilitate, or collaborate with any form of discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, political belief, religion, immigration status, or mental or physical disability.


Approved by the CARA Executive Board: 5 April 2016 and 11 July 2017

Revised by CARA Executive Board: 9 October 2018


In the event of inconsistency between the French and English version, the English language version shall prevail.