Canadian Association of Research Administrators - Communication Policy


CARA members have many opportunities to communicate with fellow members outside of conferences and workshops including the follow9ng: 1) the main list-serve (; 2) the Special Interest Group (SIG) list-serves; 3) the CARA Connection newsletter; 4) the CARA LinkedIn group. 5) the CARA resource library; and the 6) CARA membership directory.

The following are the standards by which these communications platforms are administered.


1. CARA main list-serve.

The main CARA list-serve includes all members except those individuals who opt-out. The purpose of this list-serve is to facilitate communication form CARA to its membership, and among its members regarding programs and services. Anonymous posting to the list-serve is not conducive to building our community and is prohibited.

This unmoderated list-serve is only open to CARA members thus it is incumbent upon all members to keep messages short, constructive, professional, and polite.

Members may post questions and/or comments in both official languages related to research administration and management.

Members who have questions or comments for the CARA Board or Executive are asked to contact the individual(s) directly for assistance.

Excluded from this list-serve are:

  • advertising for third part events, with the exception of events planned by CARA’s federal partners.

CARA only advertises an event to its membership when CARA is a partner in that event (i.e., sharing in planning and revenue). If you feel your event is of interest to CARA members there are two options to assist you: 1) post your notice to CARA;’s LinkedIn group; and/or 2) purchase an advertisement in the CARA Connection.

  • Commercial and third part advertising and announcements.  If you are in business or belong to another organization that wishes to communicate/advertise with CARA members there are three options to assist you: 1) post your notice to CARA’s LinkedIn group; 2) purchase an advertisement in the CARA connection; and/or 3) sponsor a webinar that will be offered free of charge to interested CARA members.

The CARA list-serve is not meant to be used as a means of communication for consultants, businesses, and other organizations not affiliated with CARA.


2. Special Interest Groups (SIG) list-serve.

The SIG list-serves are for CARA members who are interested in specialized areas of research administration and management. SIG members may choose to post their questions and comments on the main list-serve or their SIG list-serve. SIGs share resources such as templates, tools, and other resources through CARA’s resource library (see 5 below).


3. CARA Connection.

The CARA newsletter is a bi-monthly publication provided electronically to all CARA members. This publication is edited and produced by CARA volunteers. Submission guidelines and the Advertising Policy are available at


4. CARA LinkedIn Group

This group is available to CARA members and non-members. The rules governing this platform are those of LinkedIn Corporation.


5. CARA Resource Library.

All CARA members are welcome to share resources in the CARA Resource Library on the website. There are folders for SIGs, committees, events and other topics pertinent to the membership. CARA members share articles, checklists, posters, templates and other resources with their peers on this platform. To submit library material, please email the Manager, Professional Development and Membership Services. The Manager, Professional Development and Membership Services will assist you in identifying the most appropriate folder for your information if requested. 


6. CARA Membership Directory.

The membership directory is available to CARA member only. Members are requested to respect the privacy of others by refraining from sharing details included in the directory with individual(s) outside of CARA unless previous permission has been granted by the member(s) whose information you wish to share.


Violation of this policy may result in the contravening communications being removed from the platform in which they appear.

Further information about this policy, or access to the various communications opportunities noted above, is available by contacting CARA’s Executive Director. Contact details can be found at


In the event of inconsistency between the French and English version, the English language version shall prevail.

 Approved by the CARA Executive Committee on 11 December 2018