The Canadian Association of Research Administrators – [Staff] Compensation Policy


1.0  Purpose 

The Canadian Association of Research Administrators’ (CARA) is committed to establishing and maintaining a competitive compensation package that is reflective of current market conditions in the research administration field and not-for-profit sector. 
2.0 Policy Statement 
2.1       CARA's compensation may be a mix of salary, benefits, and professional development opportunities. The particulars will be outlined in a contractual agreement between CARA and the employee.

2.2       Individual employee salary and benefits are established based on comparable positions, job performance, skills, competency, and CARA’s financial situation. 
2.3       CARA will review the salary compensation every three years to ensure it is within the range of comparable positions in Canada.  Comparable positions is defined as: Positions in research administration and/or not-for-profit organizations with similar sized budgets, number of employees, daily tasks, and education levels.  

2.4       The Human Resources and Succession Planning Committee will be consulted on changes to compensation packages. 
2.5       Subject to the terms of any pre-existing contractual agreements as set out in Section 2.1 above, employee compensation will be reviewed and adjusted in response to both internal and external changes and shall adhere to all relevant federal and provincial legislation, including provincial employment standards as minimum conditions of employment. Any changes will be discussed with the relevant employee and implemented by mutual agreement of the parties.     


2.6       For all matters related to staff compensation, the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer shall provide sign off and authorization


In the event of inconsistency between the French and English version, the English language version shall prevail.

Approved by the CARA Executive Board: 30 April 2016 

Revised:  08 August 2017

Approved by the CARA Executive Board: 9 October 2018