Naming Policy

Canadian Association of Research Administrators (hereby referred to as “the Association”) Naming Policy


This policy sets out the Association’s guidelines for the naming of scholarships, bursaries, prizes, related funds and such other instruments or assets as may be approved by the Association. The purpose of naming opportunities is to honour individuals, institutions, organizations, foundations, groups, and other entities (“Donors”) whose generous contributions make possible the advancement of the Associations’ important initiatives.

This policy applies to of the naming of:

1.       Scholarships

A sum of money awarded based on academic achievement

2.       Bursaries

Financial support provided based primarily on proven financial need assessed by the Association, in consultation with any academic or other institution which is involved in the delivery of services flowing from the a scholarship, bursary or other funds (a “Recipient Institution”)

3.       Other funds

Can include but are not limited to:

                                                               i.      Awards

1.       Given in recognition of student academic achievement with combined efforts in other academic or non-academic activities, volunteerism, work, and leadership.

                                                             ii.      Prizes

1.       A recognition of a student's performance during, or at the completion of their course. The Prize may include a financial reward, voucher, membership or other entitlement

                                                            iii.      Privately Funded Student Aid

1.       Financial support provided based on specific requirements to a student

4.       Additional initiatives or assets the Association may see fit to name, at the discretion of the Association’s Executive Board.


Conditions to be met prior to the Association’s naming of funding or asset:

1.       After a thorough investigation, the naming is believed to be consistent with both the Association’s mission and the Recipient Institution’s mission.

When a naming proposal has been initiated, the Executive Committee of the Association shall undertake a thorough investigation to determine whether the naming is in the interest of the Association. The investigation shall include but not be limited to, consideration of the financial terms of the naming, consideration of the effect the naming will have on the Association’s reputation, and consultation with any individual whose knowledge can clearly confirm the benefactor’s character and/or academic activities. The Executive Director will then provide a recommendation to the President, Vice President and Treasurer, who will review. The full proposal will then be submitted to the CARA Executive Board as an item for discussion/approval. 

The Executive Board will give strong consideration to the opposition to the naming proposal.

Where a strong commitment of a Donor who desires to be acknowledged by a naming does not meet the full criteria listed above but does meet a substantial number of them, the naming is subjected to completion of additional funding arrangements. If either the Association or a Recipient Institution cannot proceed, the Donor may withdraw its contributions.

To apply for a naming of funding or another asset:

1.       Naming recommendations may originate from anyone in the Association’s or a Recipient Institution’s community

2.       Individuals or organizations considering a naming must submit a naming request with a detailed explanation of  in writing to the Executive Director of the Association

3.       The Executive Director, once satisfied that the naming conforms to this Policy, will forward a recommendation to the President, Vice President and Treasurer for consideration, who, if they approve it, will then forward to the Executive Committee.

4.       After strong consideration and a thorough investigation, the Executive Committee will make a vote on whether or not a naming is approved

5.       If not approved, the application will be sent back to the Executive Director who will inform the party who made the application.

6.       If approved, the naming will commence on an agreed-upon amount and date to a funding.


1.       Where a scholarship, bursary, or other fund or asset has been named, the Association will continue to use the name for no longer than five years or until there is a separate agreement between the donor and Association to terminate the naming.

2.       Where a scholarship, bursary, or other fund naming has been established with a donation, the Association will use its best efforts to maintain the value to preserve what has been named.

3.       For distinguished honour by naming of a scholarship/bursary/other funds, it is expected that the Donors, will provide all or most of the cost.


1.       All proposals for the honour of naming gifts of any amount shall be forwarded to the Executive Director who will then bring forward the proposal to the Executive Committee who shall decide whether the proposed naming is appropriate, follows this policy, and of full merit.

2.       Approval of this policy and all revisions to this policy rests with the Executive Board of the Association

3.       This policy is under the authority of the Executive Director and the Executive Board of the Association

4.       Named recognition may be revoked if in the opinion of the Executive Board and following consultation with the affected parties, circumstances respecting a recognized individual, organization or corporation contradict the mission and values of the Association or if the named recognition is not in the best interest of the Association.

In the event of inconsistency between the French and English version, the English language version shall prevail.

Revised and approved by CARA Executive Committee: 08 August 2017, 7 April 2020

Approved by the CARA Executive Committee: 11 December 2018, 12 February 2019