The Canadian Association of Research Administrators - Volunteer Policy

 1.0 Purpose

The Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) is a member-driven association that greatly values the important and significant contributions volunteers make at all levels of the association. This policy is to provide guidance on volunteering with CARA.

 2.0 Policy Statement

 2.1  Volunteering with CARA is considered a benefit of membership. With the exception of the role of webinar presenter, all-volunteer roles within CARA are restricted to members. In the event no member is available to fill a volunteer role, it may be offered to a non-member. 

 2.2  All members are encouraged to participate in CARA through volunteering and CARA posts volunteer job opportunities on its website regularly. Members may also speculatively contact the Executive Director if they have skills that they wish to contribute to CARA.

 2.3  Volunteers will receive any necessary training and information required when they begin their volunteer work.

 2.4  Volunteers are expected to follow all applicable CARA policies. 

 2.5  Volunteers are encouraged to develop their skills while involved with CARA and are assisted in assuming additional and greater responsibilities over time if they desire.

 2.6  Volunteers are encouraged to complete the annual volunteer survey to help CARA evaluate and improve its volunteers’ experience.

 2.7  CARA maintains confidential records on all volunteers, including their role and start dates, for the purpose of ensuring their recognition.

 2.8  The details of CARA’s comprehensive volunteer recognition program will be maintained on the CARA website.

 2.9  Any volunteer’s concerns, suggestions or complaints should be brought to the attention of the Executive Director or President of CARA so they may take appropriate action.

 2.10  Volunteers must seek prior approval from the President and Executive Director before undertaking any activities that might affect or obligate the association including, but not limited to, identifying oneself as an official CARA representative at external events, statements to the press, joint initiatives with other bodies, and agreements involving contractual or financial obligations.

 2.11  Volunteers may be relieved of their duties at the discretion of the Executive Committee if they fail to complete their duties to a reasonable standard.


Revised and approved by the CARA Executive Board: 10 September 2019

In the event of inconsistency between the French and English version, the English language version shall prevail.