How do you stay motivated?

Mike Folinas

One of the hardest things to do at work is to stay focused or motivated. However, some make it seem so easy while others clearly have a more difficult time. We reached out to our membership and asked how they stay motivated and we received a number of great responses, these included:

• Set weekly and monthly goals
• Set smaller weekly goals to ensure you can attain quick wins.
• Monthly goals should be challenging and larger in scope
• Exercise before you get to work
• Take breaks to stay focused
• Read at least one hour per day
• Push yourself, outside your normal comfort zone
• Get enough sleep
• Make a to-do list
• Ask for feedback from your supervisors and co-workers

All of these are great suggestions and will help you to get and stay motivated. However, we wanted to investigate further and determine the best suggestions for staying motivated. In order to do so, we must first begin by defining motivation. Motivation is defined as “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something”.

As a person must be willing to complete tasks, we reviewed the most common suggestions from the recommended resources. The first recommendation is to set goals, both short term and long term. By setting goals, we give our work meaning and it provides us with direction in completing these tasks. The second recommendation is staying optimistic and keeping positive. This can be accomplished in many ways which includes working out, taking a walk outside in the sun, and joking with co-workers. The third recommendation is to stay in the “productive zone”. This is accomplished by not multitasking, reducing distractions, reducing interruptions and creating an efficient environment to stay focused. The final recommendation is to keep in fun. In order to do so, one will need to gamify the tasks and reward themselves for achieving their goals.

We hope these suggestions will help keep you motivated at work and within your personal life.

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