Certificate in Research Administration- Almost There!

Jacqueline Dockray

I continue my learning in the Mohawk College Certificate in Research Administration program. Presently I am completing the Research Ethics course taught by Robyn Roscoe. Robyn is well-organized and brings in guest-lecturers who share their knowledge and expertise with the students in the course. This has been a very good way to keep the students engaged with the material. Robyn is an excellent presenter; she understands, however, that variety helps to keep people interested while providing us with the knowledge that our peers are great teachers and sources of information. Along with the course content provided, we learn that we may take advantage of the fact that we are part of a sharing community of professionals who are willing to provide help and guidance. All we have to do is ask.

Part of the ethics coursework involves completing the online TCPS2 CORE Training Modules. These include Core Principles, Defining Research, Assessing Risk & Benefit, Consent, Privacy & Confidentiality, Fairness & Equity, Conflict of Interest and REB Review (for both researchers and Board members). This training is very practical and useful, and I recommend it to everyone. The information is presented in a very user-friendly way, and the examples given are relevant and thought-provoking. The quizzes are designed to test your understanding of the material, not penalize you if you get an answer wrong. The clarifying information provided with each answer really helps to seal your understanding of the module just completed. The material presented in the TCPS2 CORE Training provides an opportunity to gain an understanding of the many considerations that must go into reviewing research that involves human participants and the steps that must be taken to uphold the core principles of Respect for Persons, Concern for Welfare, and Justice.

I recommend doing the courses and completing the Certificate in Research Administration as it broadens your understanding of what we do and why it is important, while underlining the significance of your specific role (or desired role) in the process. I always prefer to understand each of the steps in a process rather than blinkering myself to the previous or next steps. The knowledge gained through taking these courses provides clarity to the entire profession and underlines the importance of the assistance we give to researchers in achieving their research goals.

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