Bursary Drive for Research Administration Certificate


In August, CARA established a bursary fund at Mohawk College for students in the Research Administration Certificate and we have already raised $750. Each bursary of $500 will be available in September 2018 and will help new research administrators gain important skills.

Your tax deductible donation will assist fellow CARA members in achieving their goal of earning the Research Administration Certificate – an important milestone for their careers and institutions that advances the profession. Please donate today and support the development of research administrators. Every donation helps and our initial goal is $2000 to help 4 students.

Please donate:


Select Fund: Other and enter code 7555-97 (this code must be entered so the money goes to the bursary and not a general fund)

Thank you to those who have already donated and acknowledged the importance of research administration as a profession:

The new Certificate in Research Administration at Mohawk College represents a significant step for our profession. As a committed educator and mentor in the field, I'm proud to be part of this program, and look forward to working with students over the coming year. This bursary program will further enable students to be a part of this opportunity for education, networking and professional development.

Robyn Roscoe

Research administration has evolved over the past 20 years, becoming more complex and demanding higher levels of both skills and knowledge. There is no doubt that research administration IS a profession. As such, it is important that there be formal education and a credential. The credential and formal education program will help to ensure standard levels of knowledge and education, and provide important networks for research administrators to share knowledge and information. I’ve chosen to contribute to the bursary to provide assistance for students so that they can participate and further their career and educational plans.

Deborah Zornes, President

I am pleased to donate to this cause to promote the professional development of our members. As an active member in CARA I support its longstanding commitment to high quality training in a complex and growing sector of the knowledge economy. It behooves all of us to invest in the future of our profession.

Frances Chandler, Past President

I donated so that newcomers to research administration can receive some financial support with training in their field. Historically this type of training has not been available. Helping to fund this worthwhile certificate is a pleasure.

Angela Zeno, Treasurer

Katie Porter, CARA Board member and I, co-authors, Steer Your Career: A Research Administrator's Manual for Mapping Success and The A-Z Guide to Research Contract Review, both contributed to the bursary. In the past few years we have supported CARA by donating 5% of the proceeds of our books. Now we are donating 10% of all proceeds to the bursary in gratitude for the privilege of supporting life-changing research and in recognition of the responsibility the Research Administrator holds to institutions, researchers and society to execute their duties well.

Sarah Lampson

And other anonymous donors...


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