My Experience in the Mohawk Certificate Program

Deborah Parfett, Royal Jubilee Hospital

My name is Deborah Parfett and I am a Contracts and Finance Coordinator at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, BC. I first heard about the Research Administration Certificate Program from my manager, who is a member of CARA. She encouraged me to join CARA and enrol in the Certificate Program, and I have not regretted that decision. I started the Program in March 2018 and to date have almost completed five of the six required courses. I decided to take the option of completing the Certificate in two years as I have a lot of time commitments outside of my full-time job, and wanted to ensure that I really had the time to absorb the material being taught.

The courses are relevant to anyone working, or wanting to work in Research Administration, and the information is current which I appreciate. The delivery of the courses through an online platform offered by Mohawk College is easy to navigate and ensures I can access the material regardless of time of day. The Instructors have been helpful and clear in their expectations of assignments for each course, and are available via email for any clarifications needed.

The course material has already helped me in my current position by affording me a greater appreciation for the bigger picture of research in Canada and giving me an insight into how other Research Institutions coordinate their staff and resources. Many of the assignments I have completed have added to my understanding of the national issues facing all Research Institutions across the country, and the steps that we will have to undertake in order to keep Canada in the forefront of the international Research Environment.

I would highly recommend this Certificate to anyone who wants to start a career in Research Administration or someone already working in Research Administration who wants to expand their current knowledge of research in Canada.

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