How to Change Negative Energy Into Positive Energy

Karen Mosier, University of Saskatchewan

Have you ever had a bad day or a bad week where everything seemed to go wrong? Do you have a job where you constantly deal with unappreciative, demanding people? Have you ever made a mistake and you were harshly berated for it? Negativity affects ourselves and everyone around us. Although negative and positive energy will always exist, the key to overcome in these difficult types of situations is to flip the negative energy around us into positive energy.

Here are some useful strategies to get rid of negative energy and become more positive:

  • Stop complaining and start problem-solving – you can’t control what happens to you but you can control the way that you react to a situation
  • Turn negative stress into positive action by walking away and once you’re calm, approach the situation or problem with a pen and paper in hand and write out actions to solve the problem
  • Quit blaming circumstances or blaming others and take full responsibility for your life, your thoughts and your actions – accept that you are in control of your life and find a solution and move on
  • Have a higher purpose in your life and help others as positivity accompanies purpose
  • Think less of yourself and more of others and engage in selfless acts of kindness
  • Change your self-talk and rephrase any negative thoughts to have a positive spin – retrain your brain
  • Stay inspired by surrounding yourself with positive people and avoid the negative energy-suckers
  • Work hard without expectations – set individual career goals and don’t see job satisfaction in dollar signs but in terms of personal growth and development instead
  • Find an outlet to burn off negative energy such as exercise
  • Don’t take life so seriously and laugh more and lighten up the mood in the room
  • Remember that you will attract what you focus on – surround yourself with boasters and avoid manipulators and downers
  • Stop comparing yourself to others – don’t focus on tangible and superficial items but live life
  • Be grateful for everything - for the car that gets us from A to B to the small struggles that make us stronger
  • Learn from negativity – don’t think of it as a tragedy or an issue but take it as an opportunity to learn and grow

Positive energy has the power to change your happiness, well-being, and self-worth. We can use positivity to edge out all the negative energy. It has a snowball effect. What can you do today in your own life to harness the power of positive energy?


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