Starting the Contracts and Reporting course in September?

Sarah Lampson and Katie Porter

The first cohort of students completed the Contracts and Reporting Class in December 2017 with a class average of 92%, and one student achieving 100%! We could not be more privileged to be a part of this unique program that prepares graduates for a successful and rewarding career in research administration. Here is some information for those wishing to take the course

We received valuable feedback throughout the course and wanted to share some tips for success for future students:

  1. Apply today: please email a resume and a brief expression of interest about why you want to take the program to Mohawk College ( to express your interest. You may take any courses of your choice or all 6 to earn the certificate.
  2. Once you are accepted into the program and have CARA membership, please email to request a free textbook and study guide
  3. Apply for a mentor. Please complete the application here: and email it to Sarah Lampson advising her what term you will start your studies. You may also wish to listen to this free on demand webinar about mentorship led by CARA's former President, Frances Chandler:
  4. On August 2 register for the course(s) you wish to take. Financial Management in Research Administration and Contracts and Reporting will both be offered in September

Once the course starts:

Print off the assignments before listening to the lectures. If you know what is asked in the assignment you'll be able to note it during the lecture.

Please call and introduce yourself to your mentor and thank him/her for mentoring you. All the mentors are fellow CARA members and are excited to help you and look forward to supporting you! The mentor relationship is great for enhancing your professional network too.

Post your weekly discussion responses in the week they are due or in advance. This will ensure you have flexibility in case of changes in your life later in the term. Also, we would strongly encourage you to bookmark all the resources your classmates share for future reference in your careers.

Read ahead in the discussion topics, you will see that some weeks could be used as an opportunity to get a resource for your later discussion posts.

If you have any questions as you work through the study guide or are considering enrolling, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are in the CARA member directory. Thank you and we look forward to working with you in September!

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