My Experience As a Student in the Mohawk RA Certificate

Maureen Morton

My experience as a student in the Research Administration Certificate program has been challenging at times, for a variety of reasons. First off, I had never taken any online courses before and felt a bit isolated from my fellow students. Second, I currently work as a Clinical Research Assistant, and therefore do have direct work experience in Research Administration. Lastly, my mother became ill and passed away mid-way through my first semester - when I was working full time and taking two courses simultaneously. I eventually adjusted to online learning and have enjoyed the courses that have had a weekly, online component. My program mentor, Brad Whittaker, has been very helpful. Brad has kindly reviewed and provided feedback for all of my major assignments. Brad’s feedback helps me feel more confident in the quality and thoroughness of my assignment submissions. I highly recommend students make use of the mentoring program, especially if they don’t work directly in research administration. I also want to formally acknowledge Sarah Lampson’s help as well. Her caring and understanding nature helped motivate me to complete my first two courses during a very difficult time in my life. I am very fortunate that my course fees are reimbursed through my institution’s tuition assistance program, so I have not had to make use of the bursary program. Other students are not as fortunate in that respect. I encourage CARA members to consider donating to the bursary program if they are able to. All the individual donations add up and will be greatly appreciated by students that need to access the bursary program.

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