Volunteer Recognition Program


CARA volunteers play an essential role in the development, implementation, and maintenance of many successful CARA-led research administration programs that benefit all CARA members. Data collected in 2016 indicated about 10% of active CARA members volunteered with CARA. To better serve the CARA community as a whole and to enrich member experience, a better way to engage and to recognize members has been sought.

As we are continuing our well-received award program, the newly designed volunteer recognition program will run in parallel to recognize a broader base of CARA volunteers in terms of the years as well as the types of CARA services they have served. The program was officially launched at the 2018 CARA National Conference.  


The three tracks of Volunteer Recognition




Leadership Track

Many successful long-standing CARA activities would not have happened without leaders coming up with innovative ideas and drawing unanimous support from our fellow CARA members to turn these ideas into reality. Every CARA member is/has the potential to be a CARA leader, and we would like to honor those who have already contributed through the leadership track.

Examples of roles that fall under this track: Board members, Committee leads, SIG leads, Editor in chief of the CARA Connection, Mentor, etc...

Leadership Tracklist available here.


Presentation Track

Knowledge dissemination is key to keeping research administrators up to date about the latest happenings impacting research administration in Canada and beyond.  CARA regularly invites subject-matter experts to present at webinars and at regional/national conferences and participants gain tremendously in knowledge from these presentations. Honoring these presenters through the presentation track will demonstrate our appreciation for their time and effort spent on sharing their knowledge relevant to research administration with our members.

Examples of roles that fall under this track: Webinar presenters, Conference presenters, Lecturers of the CARA certification program, etc...

Presentation Tracklist available here.


Volunteering Track

The implementation of various CARA-run activities requires different skillsets, and these activities cannot be completed without our dedicated volunteers.  Outputs of these activities include but not limited to the bi-monthly CARA Connection, the various regional conferences, the annual conference, the CARA website, and decisions made at various committees. Contributions of these volunteers cannot be underappreciated.

Examples of roles that fall under this track (not an exhaustive list): Committee members, Newsletter contributors, Conference volunteers, Translators, Website development/maintenance, blog contributors, etc...

Volunteering Tracklist available here.


If you are an active CARA member, volunteered in any CARA activities since May 2018 and your name is not listed on the form, please inform CARA Central at sarahlampsoncara@gmail.com or michelkcara@gmail.com