The Canadian Association of Research Administrators – Executive Committee Attendance Policy

 1.0  Purpose

 The Canadian Association of Research Administrators is led by its Executive Committee and relies on its leadership to guide the Association. This policy is intended to facilitate the full participation and contribution of all Executive Committee members. 

2.0 Policy Statement

 2.1       An Executive Committee attendance issue occurs when a committee member has, in regard to a regularly scheduled committee meetings, (a) an un-notified absence; (b) two notified absences in a row, or (c) missed three meetings in a twelve-month period. Notified absences occurring because of a leave (such as leaves from employment for any reason) do not constitute an attendance issue.

 2.2       If an attendance issue occurs the President will promptly contact the member to discuss the barriers to the member attending the meeting(s). The member’s response shall be shared with the entire Executive Committee at the next meeting.

 2.3       The Executive Committee shall vote on whether or not to terminate the member’s membership on the committee.

 2.4      If the Executive Committee votes to terminate the member’s participation on the committee based on the report from the President, the President shall provide a written notice of termination to the member in question within two weeks of said vote.

 2.5       If the Executive Committee decides to terminate the member’s membership on the committee, termination will be conducted as per this policy and the board shall promptly begin to recruit a new member. The Executive Committee will vote on the acceptance of potential new committee members. The President will issue the relevant offer of committee membership to the new member, and his/her name will be shared with the entire membership via CARA-net at the earliest opportunity. 

In the event of inconsistency between the French and English version, the English language version shall prevail.        

Approved by the CARA Executive Board: 30 April 2016