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Data Management Planning: Evolving Tri-Agency Expectations and Collaborative Models of Support (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST
Research data, whether made up of spreadsheets, interview transcripts, image collections, digital records, or other material is crucial to research. Applying data management practices will save researchers time and headaches by:
- making data easier to work with
- ensuring the veracity and reproducibility of research findings
- securing against accidental loss
- facilitating collaboration and data-sharing
An important element of data management planning is the creation of a data management plan; a short document that describes how data will be managed through the lifetime of a research project. These are increasingly being requested by granting agencies and are suggested by the Tri-agency's statement of principles on digital data management. John Brosz (Libraries and Cultural Resources) and Robin Smith (Research Services) from the University of Calgary will discuss research data management, the Tri-agency Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management, and data management plans. Learn about these evolving expectations for grant-holders, and the model of collaborative support (Libraries and Research Services) that is being developed at the University of Calgary.