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Navigating the differences between CIHR and NIH (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
In the current period of transition in the Canadian Institutes of Health Funding (CIHR)'s funding architecture, with the concurrent trend of low funding success rates, health researchers are exploring new avenues for potential funding support. One potential option is applying for funding from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). Conversely, as Canadian universities recruit new scholars, many of which may come to us from the United States, and seek to translate their knowledge of NIH into successful CIHR applications. While often described as US and Canadian counterparts, there are important differences between these two agencies. This webinar aims to assist research administrators in supporting applicants who are moving over to CIHR funding, as well as researchers who are looking to branch out to NIH. This webinar will cover significant similarities and distinctions between CIHR and NIH, including: funding mechanisms, success rates, application portals, general application components, agency requirements at award and application stages, peer review and the sub-granting process to transfer funds. Keeping in mind that Canadian institutions are typically less familiar with NIH funding, common expectations for support that NIH awardees from the US may have will be discussed, as well as strategies to effectively manage these expectations.