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How Network of Networks (N2 Canada) can benefit your institution in supporting clinical research: Learn about a host of tools and resources. (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
The Network of Networks (N2, is a membership-based organization whose mission is to enable and enhance clinical research capability and capacity in Canada. There are currently 130 N2 member organizations across Canada representing all types of organizations engaged in clinical research, and whose voices are amplified through their membership in N2. N2 is committed to growing its membership base as well as ensuring its member organizations have information about their membership benefits. This presentation will provide an organizational overview of N2 as well as benefits of N2 membership that include resources and tools to help clinical research professionals in their day to day roles. We will answer questions for you about N2 in general and how we work collaboratively with membership organizations to ensure they have the tools and resources to facilitate their conduct of high quality clinical research.