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Research Management Information: The SIMPLE Principles (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
CASRAI is a small but growing non-profit collective led by research institutions with a simple & innovative solution to a complex management problem: implementing a unique solution where the problem occurs: at the intersection of information supply and demand within the management of research. CASRAI’s mission is to change how management information is collected and communicated in the research community. The status quo is a growing burden that is draining researcher productivity while failing to produce the quality information and insights needed by all stakeholders. CASRAI’s vision is a simplified information ecosystem driven not by technology but by end-users.
In this session, the speaker(s) will introduce a small set of guiding principles (the SIMPLE Principles) that can help tame the challenge and to do it at the management and administration level. Learn more about the problem space we are tackling and join the effort!