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Webinar Title:
Women Leaders in Research Administration (Archive)
Webinar Date:
Webinar Time:
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST
The field of research administration is one of the few business-related professions where women comprise a majority of the workforce. According to Shambrook et al., (2015) "2015 Profile of a Research Administrator," 85% of research administrators are women. However, in spite of this majority overall, evidence suggests that those in the upper-level positions of research administration are overwhelmingly male. During this webinar, we will examine the current state of opportunities for women, investigate the challenges women must overcome, discuss methods of strategic career planning and provide examples of the career path of several female senior-level research administrators. This webinar aims to ignite new ways of thinking about women's roles in research administration by challenging you to explore career advancement opportunities for women.

Learning Objectives:
- For participants to challenge themselves to examine their own career priorities and create a plan for the future.
-For participants to glean advice from the experience of successful women research administrators and apply the concepts to their own careers.