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Supporting SSHRC grant applications in research creation (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST
Since 2012, SSHRC has offered applicants the option of identifying their project as "Research Creation" within the framework of Insight programs. Scholars working in the realm of research creation often push the boundaries of scholarly and creative inquiry, utilizing innovative methodologies and theoretical frameworks. These applications are among the most challenging for grant development professionals to advise upon. The definition of research creation is deliberately broad to cover a diversity of background and approaches. Similarly, the evaluation committees draw on a wide range of scholarly and creative expertise. This provides flexibility for applicants and assessors alike, but also makes it difficult to articulate clear expectations and strategies for success. In this presentation, we will consider the opportunities and challenges of research creation by profiling three successful research creation projects at the University of Calgary. Through these three vignettes, we will illustrate the ways in which researchers interweave the creative process with scholarly inquiry, and will consider different tools for supporting the development of these applications.