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Canadian Copyright Basics (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST
The primary product of research is more often a copyrighted publication than a patented invention. Copyright laws protect the authors or creators of original works of authorship, including the results of research.

Copyright can be a complex concept with many nuances. Research institutions and individual researchers need to understand copyright both as the creators of works and as users of works of others covered by copyright protection. For Canadian research institutions it is particularly important to understand both the Canadian laws and those of the neighbor to the South, since much of the research results will be published in the US.

Session Outline
Copyright's Role in protecting intellectual property
Who Owns What?
Be careful! Canada and the US are not the same. Canada and the EU are not the same.
Why is a copyrighted work like a cell line?
Building on Others' Creative Expression - Derivatives, Compilations, etc.
Fair Use, Instruction and other exceptions
Licensing and Assignment
Institutional Policies
Laws, Registration, Forms and Documentation
Learning objectives
Participants will be able to identify the intellectual property that can be protected by copyright and the protections provided
Participants will be able to manage the origination of copyright protections and transfers, licensing of works of others and navigate "fair use" issues in instructional and research situations.