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Catch em and Keep em- Recruiting, Engaging and Retaining Younger Generations (Archive)
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1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST
Join us in a interactive presentation on how universities and other institutions might successfully market to younger generations for positions in the field of Research Administration. Any many of us have "fallen" into this progression, we will present on how managers and colleagues can engage with those younger generations new to the field to get them HOOKED in this rewarding profession. This presentation will also address barriers younger generations face in entering professional fields such as Research Administration, and ways to create career paths in order to retain them. This presentation will be a mix of the presenters' personal experiences and statistical information.
After attending this presentations, participants will:
- Be able to discuss strategies for marketing positions and Research Administration to younger generations
- Identify barriers faced by younger generations entering this field
- Compare ways institutions have created career paths to retain talent and support career development
- Be able to describe and understand the current generational climate of their office, and be able to apply ideas to hiring and marketing positions that are expected to open