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For Universities - The Top 10 Things to Know About Doing Research With Colleges and Polytechnics (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST
To be clear from the outset, this webinar is intended for university representatives. It is being presented by a polytechnic research administrator, who was previously a university research administrator.

College and polytechnics are growing players in the field of post-secondary research, but the level of interaction that they have with universities has been limited in the past. There is a strong argument that university research and college research can be complimentary, and to bring that about the two sectors need to understand each other better. There are a lot of ways in which colleges are different when it comes to research and by understanding those differences, the potential universities have for collaboration with colleges can grow. The differences in researcher roles, funding mechanisms, intellectual property, publishing and other areas will be discussed.