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Building Competitive Advantages for Large-Scale Funding Opportunities: A Guide for Research Administrators and Facilitators (Archive)
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1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST
Large-scale research funding opportunities exist to fund research programs beyond the traditional research project. These opportunities require a different level of complexity over traditional research proposals, including for example governance, project management, inter-institutional collaboration and involvement of many partner organizations. Within proposals of this scale, research excellence is very rarely the differentiator that impacts the funding decision. Instead, demonstrated functional cohesion, risk management and diversity are some of the key components that build a successful proposal. For institutions to ensure their applications have a competitive advantage in these programs, specialized support processes must be designed. The speakers will present their framework for supporting the development of proposals to these competitions and provide some specific tangible examples of support processes from two recent competitions that research administrators and facilitators at universities and colleges can implement.