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Engaging the Community for Effective Peer Review (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Internal peer review (IPR) can be the make or break of any successful research application. With the increasingly competitive funding landscape, applicants looking for an edge rely on peer review for early feedback. But when is traditional peer review not enough?

For multidisciplinary, multi-stage competitions, review panels can take many forms, and increasingly draw individuals from beyond traditional academic circles including health system representatives, industry, government and patient partners, among others. These voices must be engaged early in the review process to ensure applicants can effectively integrate their unique perspectives.

The task of coordinating these panels is often the responsibility of research administrators. Have you ever wondered what the best approach to building an effective peer review committee is?

This seminar will look at why IPR is important and key pieces to designing an effective peer review panel: who to ask and how to encourage participation by reviewers and applicants. Practical steps will be combined with a case study drawn from a recent competition.