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Deconstructing the Art of Grantsmanship (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Faculty need funding to carry out their research. The art of writing a grant has become the lynch pin to having a successful research program. Academics who write more grants typically receive more funding. Contrary to popular belief, grantsmanship involves much more than having someone do a quick proofread and goes well beyond just having a second pair of eyes to look at the final draft.
This webinar will include a comprehensive overview of all the components required in a thorough grant review. The information provided in this presentation will not only be useful to those new to the art of grantsmanship but also to seasoned veterans in the grant-reviewing world. This overview will present a step-by-step process to deconstruct the art of reviewing a grant and hopefully change the way people think about what constitutes true grantsmanship.
To address the complexity involved in doing a thorough grant review, I have divided the process into six distinct components: Story Teller, Type Setter, Grant Editor, Proof Reader, Accountant and Reviewer. This will allow the facilitator that is doing the grant review to take a step back and look at the grant proposal from more than just one angle.