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A Marketing Lens: How it can bring a nomination into focus
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
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$ 50.00
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$ 100.00
I apply two lenses when I'm drafting or reviewing nomination documents:
First, and most obviously, the specific criteria for each award.
Second, and the focus of this session, I apply a marketing lens because each submission is in essence a sales pitch to the selection committee. We nominators are asking a bunch of people who don't know the candidate to give them something (an award) in exchange for something that they have given the world (new knowledge, impactful activities, scholarly leadership). So as I write or review nomination documents, I ask:
a. Who's the target market? Experts or multidisciplinary?
b. What's the overt benefit of the nominee's work?
c. What's the dramatic difference between the nominee's work and the other great candidates?
d. What are the real reasons the committee should believe that our nominee is the most deserving?
In this session, we'll explore how these questions can be answered in the context of research award nominations.