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A Centralized Model for Research Project Managers: A reflective case study one year after implementation (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
In recent years, research has seen a shift toward greater collaboration across institutions, agencies, and disciplines. In addition, many universities are pursuing larger, more complex grants. As a result, the need for and benefits of incorporating project managers in research proposals and projects has become more apparent. In early 2019, Simon Fraser University created a centralized team of Research Project Managers to assist with the development and management of large-scale, complex, and/or high-risk projects. At this presentation, SFU project managers will discuss what SFU’s centralized research project management model looks like, some of the first year’s successes and challenges, and resources utilized to increase effectiveness. Whether you are part of an existing team of project managers, looking to build such a team, or seeking ideas to support researchers as they take on more complex projects, this presentation will provide best practices, lessons learned, and helpful tools.