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Human Research Standards Organization (HRSO): Developing National Standards for Canadian Human Research and Oversight (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Human Research Standards Organization -

National standards frame, guide and normalize almost every aspect of our lives. Canada has national standards for health care, information technology, accounting, agriculture, plumbing, electricity, etc, that promote best industry practices, emphasizing safety and quality, and ensure the interoperability of such practices. However, no national standards exist in our country for the ethical conduct and oversight of human research. Consequently, human research is not conducted uniformly from one organization to another and this often creates barriers to harmonization, collaboration, and growth of this industry sector within Canada and internationally.

This webinar describes the development of Canadian national standards for human research and its oversight in a manner compliant with procedures accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. Through the development of national standards, the Canadian public alongside stakeholders will improve the system of protection of research participants and promote Canada as a hub of human research excellence.