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Reducing the Administrative Burden for Clinical Research Investigators (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Peer-to-peer collaboration is a powerful tool in the development of new and revolutionary medicine within the clinical research community. In an increasingly social world, today’s principal investigators often rely on a large groups of physician counterparts to play a pivotal role in conducting clinical trials, effectively expanding their own patient populations with those of similar organizations across the country to achieve enrollment targets more efficiently. In line with this increased connectivity, principal investigators may consequently seek new opportunities at organizations that more closely align with their research priorities and therefore may wish to transfer existing multisite trials to the new organizations. Transitioning such complex, ongoing clinical trials to the new sponsor institution quickly and efficiently is necessary in order to sustain study progress and ensure patient safety, however this often means increased demands upon clinical research administrative staff who must react to the inherent challenges of multisite trial management processes at a more rapid pace. We aim to explore both these transitional challenges as well as those inherent to standard multicenter trial management, from sponsor-institution complexities to budgeting practices to sub-site complications, and offer an institutional view on overcoming these burdens while identifying potential best practices throughout.