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Dimensions - Two Years Later
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
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$ 50.00
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$ 100.00
Much has happened on the Dimensions front since we last presented at CARA (May 27th 2020) and we are happy to share key developments of the past year in more details during a webinar on May 19th at noon.

Dimensions: Equity, diversity and inclusion Canada is an initiative of the three federal granting agencies, inviting post-secondary institutions to take part in a transformation to increase equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within the research ecosystem.

It addresses obstacles faced by underrepresented or disadvantaged groups including, but not limited to, women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities/racialized groups, and members of LGBTQ2+ communities. In its pilot phase, the program consists of a cohort of 17 institutions and 23 affiliates, which are taking an active role in co-developing the program design and delivery.

Through the past year, the pandemic has provided a stark reminder of the impacts of inequality in post-secondary institutions and beyond, and has highlighted the need for more accessibility and diversity in research (and teaching). Specifically, the integration of a diversity of voices and experiences into the development of institutional policies is a crucial factor in supporting underrepresented groups throughout the research ecosystem. Operating in an institution where EDI is valued enhances engagement, resilience, and benefits faculty, staff and students.

These are our motivations as we complete the Dimensions handbook, which is a central piece of the program.

The current pandemic has slowed us down but work is still very much in progress!

You may also consult the Dimensions webpages.