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Environmental Scan of Research Centre Operations and Governance (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT
Over 2020 a small group of CARA members developed, gathered and analyzed data from an environmental scan to better understand how Canadian research institutions manage research centres, institutes, and other similarly structured entities. Thirty-seven institutions (universities, research hospitals, colleges and two “others”) from across Canada responded to the electronic survey and an additional 11 individuals participated in a focus group discussion. This webinar will present the data and conclusions from the environmental scan. Those interested in how research centres are governed and operated will find this session useful. How many of us have shut down research centres? How are Director’s paid? How are operations funded? Join the webinar and find out.

DAndre Wilson-Ihejirika, Project Lead, Research Service Excellence, York University, will be the primary presenter.

Steering Committee Members: (offering ongoing, occasionally useful, commentary throughout)

- Diane Johnston, University of Waterloo
- David Phipps, York University
- Katie Porter, Hamilton Health Sciences Centre
- Heather Robson, OCAD University
- Deborah Zornes, Royal Roads University