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N2 Tells All: Learn about the Benefits, Experiences, & Perks of N2 Membership (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Join us for this webinar where you can learn all about the Network of Networks (N2): if you're already part of a member organization or if you're interested in learning about membership. N2 is a national umbrella organization for organizations that do clinical research, by providing resources, educational opportunities, and experts and know-how. Find out how you can get the most out of N2 membership from N2 and importantly, from an N2 member representative who is on the ground and leveraging N2 tools and resources.

Shelley King - Shelley is N2' s Administrative Office and Project Assistant. She is your first point of contact with N2 and helps ensure members have quick and easy access to benefits and resources.

Barbara Medland - Barbara is N2's Communications Specialist. Barbara is responsible for all aspects of N2 communication efforts, including internal communications to members as well as N2's social media efforts.

Dawn Richards -Dawn is N2's Business Development Specialist. She is responsible for engaging potential new N2 members as well as outreach to current N2 members to ensure they're satisfied with thei rmembership experience.

We'll also be joined by Daniela Bianco who will represent an N2 member. Daniela is the Manager of Research Development and Relations at Hamilton Health Sciences and N2 Liaison Representative who serves as N2 Chair of CTEA and CARA Chair of the Professional Development Task Force. Her career extends over 30 years of service with 20 years experience as a research administration profession with progressive leadership and management knowledge in an academic research hospital and university acumen.