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Webinar Series - Review and Negotiation of Research Agreements: Parts 1-6
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST
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$ 200.00
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$ 450.00
(Certificate upon completion)

A 6 Part Series on Reviewing and Negotiating Research Agreements:

Part 1 - February 10: What's in a Word.

Part 2 - February 13: Understanding the Differences in Agreements.

Part 3 - February 14: The Two Way Street.

Part 4 - February 15: Liability Issues- Indemnity, Insurance, Subject Injury and limitation of Liability.

Part 5 - February 16: Proprietary Matters- IP, confidentiality, publication and biological materials.

Part 6 - February 17: Other key provisions- Governing Law and jurisdiction, privacy, publicity and key "Boilerplate" clauses.

Please check each webinar alone for its content on the main page. Each webinar in this series can be taken on its own. Members that attend all six sessions in the series will receive a certificate for this Review and Negotiation of Research Agreements Webinar Series.