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Cost Proposal Development (Archive)
Webinar Date:
Webinar Time:
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Speaker will provide examples (anonymized) from 2-3 different funder types (charity, gov't) of full proposal costing with an explanation of the impact of the funder guidelines, institutions policies and practices and external factors such as inflation. Where matching funding was used, the speaker will review how it was identified and accessed. Discussion about overall approaches (expense recovery, cost per unit). Attendees will:

1. learn principles of preparing costing for a funding proposal - key considerations, external factors, cost versus price, post-award implementation

2. learn how to address different approaches - what conditions impact the best cost recovery scenario (expenses versus price per unit)

3. review cost recovery elements (identification, selection for proposal) – the balance of cost recovery with proposal competitiveness and its impact on sustainability.