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Evolution of research processes within a health authority (Archive)
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
In 2012 the Vancouver Island Health Authority embarked on an ambitious 5 year plan to build its reputation in teaching and
research to add to its existing successes in the delivery of world class clinical care and to ensure that Island Health is a
strong and capable partner in major research initiatives. Progress to date has been extensive, driven by investment in
resources to build and strengthen research infrastructure and develop the foundation for the collaborations required to
augment, sustain, and synergize these resources into a stable and viable long term strategy. The presentation will touch on
the key learnings and challenges encountered in this transformation, including the development of processes and tools
which are more typically embedded within academic institutions including modernization of intellectual property
management practices, flexibility in contract negotiation, integrated knowledge translation and the implementation and
management of a collaborative granting program.