2018 CARA Executive Election – ONLINE Voting  

Traditionally, CARA held elections of its Executive at the annual national conference but it was announced at last year’s conference that future elections would be held using online voting by CARA members.

It is time to hold CARA’s first online election of members of the Executive.  This year there are three positions open.  All are Member-at-Large positions on the executive, and five people have put their names forward to fill those positions.  Profiles of those five candidates can be viewed at 2018 Election Candidate Profiles. Once you have had a chance to consider the candidates and make your decision as to the three most suitable people to fill the Member-at-Large positions, you can access the election site below. You will be prompted to vote for up to three candidates.

Voting is now open and will run until May 25, 2018.  All CARA members are strongly encouraged to exercise their membership and vote for the candidates of their choice.

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