Previous Award Winners

Walter Hitschfeld Award

This award is named for Walter Hitschfeld, a founding member of CARA, in recognition of his dedicated and outstanding contribution to the organization. This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated an exceptional advancement to the enhancement of the research management setting in Canada. Award holders are granted Honorary Membership in CARA.

  • 2019: No award given
  • 2018: No award given
  • 2017: Martin Kirk
  • 2016: No award given
  • 2015: Robert Davidson
  • 2014: Carmen Charette
  • 2013:  No award given
  • 2012:  No award given
  • 2011:  No award given
  • 2010:  No award given
  • 2009:  No award given
  • 2008: Dr Alan Bernstein
  • 2007: Bruce Clayman
  • 2006: Arthur J. Carty
  • 2005: No award given
  • 2004: David Strangway
  • 2003: Peter Munsche
  • 2002: Richard Spratley
  • 2001: No award given
  • 2000: Henry Friesen
  • 1999: No award given
  • 1998: No award given
  • 1997: Kenneth Davey
  • 1996: Paule Leduc
  • 1995: Niall Gogan
  • 1994: Gordon McNabb
  • 1993: Art Headlam
  • 1992: Gordon Maclachlan
  • 1991: Janet Halliwell
  • 1990: Maurice L'Abbe

Community Builder Award

This award is presented to a passionate leader in the CARA community whose efforts have strengthened the community through membership engagement efforts, welcoming and facilitating the integration of newcomers or other forms of leadership specifically advantageous to helping members connect to the broader CARA community.

  • 2019: Karen Mosier
  • 2018: Josée Charest
  • 2017: Lauren Gogo
  • 2016: Danielle Connell
  • 2015: Angela Zeno

Dan Chase Distinguished Service Award

Named in memory of Dan Chase, who played an active role in the Association over a number of years, the Dan Chase Distinguished Service Award has been established to recognize CARA members whose services have been of significant benefit to the entire organization.

  • 2019: Jayne Sierens
  • 2018: Scott Baker
  • 2017: Drew Gyorke
  • 2016: Dean Strickland
  • 2015: Katie Porter
  • 2014: Laurie Vaughan-Evans
  • 2013: David Harris
  • 2012: no award given
  • 2011: Nancy McNeil
  • 2010: Marcel Mongeon
  • 2009: Lori Foster
  • 2008: Daniel Lefebvre
  • 2007: no award given
  • 2006: Bruce Hutchinson
  • 2005: Wayne Marsh
  • 2004: No award given
  • 2003 : Barbara Cox
  • 2002 : Emlyn Jessop
  • 2001 : Jean Farrall
  • 2000 : Guy Berthiaume

Dan Chase Distinguished Service Award - Priority Initiatives

This award has been established to recognize CARA members whose services have been of significant benefit in advancing one or more of CARA’s priority initiatives in a given year. This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated an exceptional leadership commitment to either a particular program or several programs.


The Directors' Award for Inter-Institutional Collaboration

This award is presented to an individual or team who has demonstrated leadership and creativity in working collaboratively and effectively to achieve a shared goal in research management. Examples of collaboration could include the harmonization of standards, templates or policies, creation of a resource or tool that advanced the profession of research management through improved communication, greater efficiency, or by addressing a barrier to success at an individual, institutional or regional level. 

Innovation Award

This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated leadership and creativity in an innovative project in our field. The achievement can be as tangible as a research paper or other publication or may be leading discussions in a previously under-recognized area or issue in research management with the objective of impacting practice.

  • 2019: No award given
  • 2018: No award given
  • 2017: Robyn Roscoe
  • 2016: Ray Hoemsen

Research Management Excellence Award

First awarded in 2014, this award will be presented to an exceptional research manager who has made outstanding contributions to the profession nationally and internationally through innovation, creativity, hard work and dedication.  

  • 2019: Joanne Johnson
  • 2018: Dean O. Smith
  • 2017: Mehdi Sheikhzadeh
  • 2016: Robyn Roscoe
  • 2015: David Phipps
  • 2014: Katie Porter

Research Project Management Award

Established in 2018, this award recognizes an exceptional research project manager who has made outstanding contributions to the profession of research administration and management through the adoption and implementation of project management excellence within a project, team, department or institution and/or a significant contribution to fostering project management excellence in the field of research administration.

  • 2019: April O'Connell
  • 2018: 

Research Partnership Award

Established in 2018, this award recognizes a project, program or long-term collaboration that has had a significant economic impact or other positive local, national or global implications.

  • 2019: Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation (SONAMI), Niagara College

Unsung Hero Award

This award was developed to recognize the hard work and dedicated efforts of CARA Non Executive members who are as yet unrecognized by the membership. These individuals have stepped up to the plate’ and chosen to become involved by volunteering for CARA.

Process Pathways Poster Competition, Judge's Choice

Process Pathways Poster Competition, People's Choice

Public Engagement and Advocacy Award

  • 2019: No award given
  • 2018: Research Department, School of Health Sciences and Community Services, Red River College