My Successful Experience

Britney Duncan, MPH Research Coordinator - Respiratory Research Centre, University of Saskatchewan


My name is Britney Duncan and I am a Research Coordinator and Research Facilitator for the University of Saskatchewan Respiratory Research Centre. I have been in the roles for nearly 2 years now. I joined CARA when I began working in Canada for the University of Regina because I felt it would provide me with an opportunity to network with other people in similar roles as me and learn from their experiences in the field. I am from the United States so, I had little knowledge of the research world in Canada.

After beginning employment at USask, I began attending sessions with other facilitators who then introduced me to the Research Administration Certificate program. My colleagues were able to give me insights into the program since most of them had completed the certificate already. Their encouragement led me to enroll in January. I pursued the program because I was still in the process of learning more about the Canadian research funding landscape and wanted to enforce the knowledge gained on the job with more of the policies and processes, I had been missing.

I am hopeful that finishing the certificate program will give me the confidence to pursue more roles in the field and potentially become a positive force in the Centre’s continued successes.