How to Reduce Your “Noise” Footprint

Karen Mosier, Research Coordinator and Navigator, University of Saskatchewan


We spend a lot of time at work with our coworkers, often more than we do at home with our own families. It is important to foster strong relationships with our colleagues. More often than not, we work together in open areas than in single-person offices. It is hard to stay focused and positive in a noisy office. Everyone should do their part to reduce loud behavior and unnecessary distractions.

Here are some tips that you can use to reduce your own “Noise” footprint:

- Use your indoor voice on the phone

- Work quietly without talking out loud to yourself

- Make your personal calls during the lunch hour

- Use office social activities as an appropriate setting to get to know your coworkers and have time to talk and laugh and joke

- Go out for lunch with a colleague if you wish to share personal issues

- Chew gum outside regular working hours

- Eat your lunch in the lunchroom or away from your desk

- Keep soft shoes on hand if you find your shoes create a distracting noise to others

- Turn the volume off on your computer

- Set your cell phone to vibrate

- Buy headphones to listen to your music

- Find alternate locations for meetings as to not disturb your coworkers’ productivity

- If you need to answer your cell phone find a spot that won’t disturb adjacent offices

Do your part and read up on common office habits that can irritate others and monitor your own behavior to demonstrate through your actions that you respect your coworkers.


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