Finding Joy in Times of Rapid Change

Sarah Lampson, CARA, & Frances Chandler

We all struggle when familiar patterns of our lives change significantly, as it is happening now.  These times bring out the best and worst in people, so let’s focus on being “the best we can be.”

Here are some ideas to consider:

Take care of yourself: When you fly you are told to put your own oxygen mask on first if there is an emergency. If you are disabled then others around you will suffer so self care is important. Focus on your own mental and physical health and that of our families, friends, and neighbours to ensure you all remain calm in these times of transition.

Exercise: Go for a long walk, take an on-line yoga class, or practice meditation. Exercise and mindfulness is good for your mental and physical health and alleviates “cabin fever.”

Connect with others: Thank your colleagues for the support they gave you in the past and continue to give you during these times. Write an email to your CARA mentor, webinar presenter or fellow CARA members, to thank them for staying connected with you.

Build a circle of support: Call a friend you have not talked recently. Catch up, connect, and collaborate. Laugh, listen, and reminisce.

Start a gratitude journal: Think of three things you are grateful for each day, write them down, and focus on the positive.

Read: Take a break from the news and grab a book you have always wanted to read. You finally have some time, unless, of course, you have a house full of children, and in that case…read to them! Focus on uplifting topics to calm yourself and your children

Take an online course: Now is the perfect time to focus on learning something new. It will give you a sense of mastery and achievement while enhancing your skills and connections while at home.

Separate but together: Although we may feel isolated these activities can ensure we stay connected, healthy, and focused on the positives in our lives.

Dr. Frances Chandler and Sarah Lampson