How do you keep fit and active during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Mike Folinas - Manager of Research Administration, University of Toronto


As many of us are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are adapting to the new normal.  We have shifted to remote operations, meetings and file sharing, as we adapt. We may even find ourselves with some extra time to tackle projects around the house, hobbies and other interests. How about your fitness or activity level?  We asked our members how they stay active throughout the day when working from home.  Here are some suggestions:

- Take short breaks every hour

      - Take a quick walk, play with children, complete a short chore

      - Relax

      - Meditate

- Schedule activities (i.e. run, weights, cycling, etc.) before or after work

- Stand up and stretch

- Walk to the store (i.e. grocery, convenient, etc.)

- Develop a 20 minute work-out routine and complete daily

- Join online exercise classes

- Make a plan each day and stick with it

- Take a walk in the park or on a trail

- Engage others in your home (children, spouse, etc.)

- Make it a family activity

- Walk in or around the house (i.e. I walk in the basement for 10 minutes after 60 minutes of work)

- Take the dog out for a walk

These are great suggestions and will definitely help keep everyone keep fit and active.

Being active has its benefits, but can be fun.  Aim for a target (i.e. steps, minutes, repetitions, etc.) and try to stick to it. In addition to these great suggestions, we offer some great workouts that are easy to complete at home, these include:

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