Mother, No Other Like Her

Saher Lalani, Author and Poet

Earlier this year, we had invited Saher Lalani to the CARA Spring Meeting to share about her poems but due to the pandemic the event got cancelled. Instead we had the pleasure speaking with her about her colouring book, “Mother, No Other Like Her”.


Congratulations on your book, Mother, No Other Like Her, please tell us about your inspiration for this book?

Thank you. The book was inspired by my late mother who devoted her life’s work to caring for diverse communities in Kenya, Tanzania, and Pakistan as a pediatrician. While she grew increasingly ill, I found myself jotting down reflections of her gifts in my notebook. Occasionally, I would read my lines to her in hopes of lifting both our spirits during her final months. Later, as I reflected upon the uplifting effect of my scribbled tributes, I decided to give them a permanent home in the form of this book.


What do you hope those using the book take from the text and illustrations?

The book concept and format were specially designed to appeal to all ages. The illustrations and words on each page provide both a space for reflection and an outlet for personal creativity and artistic fulfillment.


What are some key ideas you would like readers to take from your book?

The theme of the book is celebrating mothers, diversity, and love. On each page you see mothers of different cultures, religions, embracing and loving their children. It depicts mother-child love through different lenses, highlighting something that’s universal and at the heart of our humanity.


What have you most enjoyed in creating and promoting your work?

Creating the book provided me space for reflection and sharing its messages during readings and community events introduced wonderful opportunities for connecting with people and listening to their stories.


How can people get a copy of the book?

The book is available online on Amazon: