Leveraging your CARA network to Build Resilience

Sarah Lampson & Katie Porter

With CARA you already have a strong online community. Here are some reminders and tips on how to fully leverage it:

Participate: Join the CARA LinkedIn group and connect with others members, share an article or your favourite recipe and introduce yourself to your SIG, get involved as a volunteer and fully participate in your professional association.

Take an online course: Spring term for the Research Administration Certificate starts in May. You can register now and if you are taking Contracts and Reporting, we have a free textbook and study guide for you and Sarah will send you all the discussion questions in advance (email sarahlampsoncara@gmail.com).

Take on demand webinars: Many of these webinars are free and the rest are only $30 for CARA webinars.

Register for an upcoming webinar: These webinars are also discounted for members with many no cost offerings. Volunteers receive 2 free webinar passes a year so get involved in and access even more webinars at no cost.

Give: If you are able to help others access online learning and advance their careers, now is the perfect time to donate to the CARA bursary at Mohawk College: To donate please click "other" and enter code 7555-97.

Show Gratitude: Take the time to connect with fellow CARA members. Thank a webinar presenter or mentor, reach out to the author of a CARA Connection article, congratulate an award winner.

Show Kindness: Now is the perfect time to apply to share your expertise as a mentor, webinar presenter, with a CARA blog or CARA Connection article.

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