The exciting world of Research Administration

Megan Reilly-Boyes, Clinical Research Compliance Officer, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

I joined the exciting world of Research Administration 2 years ago and I can’t say enough about how much CARA has helped me navigate my new role. I have had the pleasure of attending two CARA Conferences which have been packed with amazing speakers and useful information to help me understand what the current Research Administration landscape is like. The Research Administration Certificate Program offered through Mohawk College has taught me so much about the different aspects of research administration. I am happy to say I am only 1 credit away from obtaining my certificate. I could not have accomplished this without the support of CARA who offers many bursary opportunities. The Mentorship Program has also been great as it paired me with an amazing professional who helped me navigate my new role and the expectations of the Research Administration Certificate Program. I am so glad I became a member of this amazing organization that goes above and beyond in supporting its members.

Thank you CARA!