CARA Mentorship Program: The Advantages to Mentors

Sarah Lampson and Katie Porter


I have greatly benefitted from the mentorship generously provided by senior leaders throughout my career and I was honoured to become a mentor myself to serve others – I didn’t anticipate all the things I would gain:

·         Gratitude for my own achievements and career journey by helping fellow professionals achieve their goals, improve their lives, career engagement and satisfaction

·         Increased self-reflection on my own career progress and goals

·         New skills, knowledge and perspectives from different institutions, professional roles, cultures, educational and professional backgrounds

·         Increased commitment to collaboration as I was able to see the tangible results from my mentorship at other institutions

·         Expanded network with new collegial, ambitious colleagues across Canada

·         Greater career satisfaction from the knowledge I was advancing the profession and leaving a legacy

·         Ability to easily illustrate my commitment to education and leadership

·         A chance to celebrate successes both my own, my mentees and our joint successes

·         New, unique relationships created by me and my mentees. Each relationship was different depending on the time, objectives and geography of each mentee

·         Many excellent referees for career-related opportunities

·         Loyal allies and friends from many provinces and employers

·         Professional recognition through award nominations

·         Increased advocacy and coaching skills

I am truly grateful for each mentee I have helped gain confidence to identify and achieve ambitious career goals. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity to change someone’s life in as little as one hour a month, please consider the CARA Mentorship Program!

This blog is derived from the fourth edition of Steer Your Career: A Research Administrator's Manual to Mapping Success by Sarah Lampson and Katie Porter.