In Search of a Magnifying Glass

Bijaya Uperty, RAC Student


What prompted you to enroll in the Research Administration Certificate?

I have experiences of working as a researcher both in academic and industrial environment. Besides conducting lab-based researches, my experiences include preparing of manuscript, grant and scholarship applications and disseminating the research outcomes in the form of publications, presentations, and patent. I enrolled into this program mainly because of my desire to understand the administrative aspects of research. I anticipate that the knowledge gained from this program will help me secure a job in an academia as a research facilitator/officer.


How have you benefited from the Research Administration Certificate?

As a research scientist, I spend most of the time contemplating and chewing on ideas sitting in a lab. Like most researchers, I see all my researches standing so close to the wall that sometimes I find hard to get a bigger picture of what I do. Now that I had learnt to use microscope to understand the life of microorganisms, I was in search of a magnifying glass that can show me the administrative side of my work. Based on my experience so far, I can tell that this program is the equipment I was looking for. The current courses I am taking encourage me to explore the various dimensions of research. Such exploration has helped me become more confident about my profession.


How many courses have you completed to date?

I recently started the program and currently registered for 2 courses- (I) Contract and Reporting (II) Research Ethics, Integrity & Governance.


How have you as a student benefited from CARA membership?

# Since I recently enrolled into this program, I have not been able to take full advantage of benefits that CARA provides to its members. Having said that, I have managed to check out its blogs, webinars, and resource library. These resources have information which is informative and helpful to people at various stages of their career.