The Wind in Our Sails

Daniela Bianco - Manager, Research Development & Relations, Hamilton Health Sciences


CARA has a strong reputation for its rigor and comprehensive approach in how to inform best practices and support the evolving field of Research Administration. This was eminent in the wake of the pandemic and its unprecedented, unchartered waters with ongoing obstacles, challenges and new reality research administration professionals faced (and continue to find themselves navigating).

CARA rose to the challenge on all levels in how it maintained engagement of its membership serving as a pivotal network conduit that facilitated two-way communication and information dissemination in a time of need under constant pressures and “first how to” throughout the pandemic.

In particular, and worthy to highlight, is the planning and execution of the 2021 CARA National Conference that reached across 5 continents – KUDOS!   The virtual experience enabled networking like none other and ability to optimize attendance at presentation sessions – all of which were timely and topical; not to mention user-friendly platform and inventive, fun social activities.  “When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails” (H. Jackson Brown).  Suffice to say, CARA does just that (and puts the wind in our sails too) for its membership!