A Tool to help learn and enhance your skills

Abhinav Sheoran, CARA Member and RAC Student


1.    What prompted you to enroll in the Research Administration Certificate?

 Getting into Research Administration program was a purposely made decision. I moved to Canada a year ago and brought dual degrees in biotechnology and business administration along with experience in academic administration from back home. With a desire to work in a managerial role within Canadian life sciences industry, I started looking for a customized course designed to help professionals gain knowledge and skills required by the industry. My search finally ended when I came across Mohawk College’ Research Administration Certificate program. I never thought I could find a program which specifically prepares professionals to work in research/academic set-ups while performing managerial tasks. The objective of this course was aptly matching with my requirements & I gave no second thought and applied for the September 2020 intake.


2.    How many courses have you completed to date?

I have started the program from September 09, 2020 and enrolled in two courses right now and hoping to finish by the end of this year.  


3.    How have you as a student benefited from CARA membership?

CARA membership has exposed me to an entirely new world of administrative professionals working in different domains in academic & research institutions. I came to know about CARA only as a requirement to get enrolled into Research Administration Certificate Program offered by Mohawk College. But when I joined as a member, it offered me dual benefit of acquiring information about latest updates in my area of interest & opportunity to network with research administrators across Canada. Needless to say, CARA’s mentorship program certainly is a tool to help you learn and enhance your skills under the supervision of a seasoned professional. For me, CARA is an amazing platform for professional networking, learning & sharing of inter-institutional information and finding relevant job opportunities.


4.    How many hours a week do you spend on your studies?

I spend 6-7 hours/week and the flexible nature of the program allows me to balance my professional, social and personal life.