Education as a Supportive Factor While Navigating Change

Holly Harris, CARA Member and RAC Student


I am a student in the Research Administration Certificate Program offered by Mohawk College and CARA. I enrolled in this program in September after I finished my Masters in Critical Disability Studies and was beginning my career. At the time, I was in a Research Ethics Board Coordinator job that I had been in for a year and a half on a part time basis and had recently become a part time Treatment Research Analyst on a multi-site clinical trial. These roles involved many coordinating and administrative activities. 

Through my engagement with the Research Administration program, I learned valuable skills regarding research funding, contracts, and reporting that helped me be successful in my roles. An opportunity came up within my institution that was in line with my professional development goals and blended my passion for research, program management, development, and delivery. Through the mentorship program with CARA, I became connected with a mentor who helped me navigate an internal transfer while ensuring that both my new and old teams felt supported through the change. 

Although my new role has less of a focus on research administration, through my engagement with the Research Administration program, I continue to build skills and make meaningful networking connections that will serve me in my long-term professional development. In this program, I am currently taking a project management course from which I have been able to directly and consistently apply learnings to my new role! I highly recommend this program for individuals who are embarking on the beginning of their careers or are looking to brush up their skills and make meaningful connections with current and prospective leaders in the field of research administration.