Managing Stress

Ali Siddiqui - Statistical Research Opearations, Statistics Canada


For our regular CARA readers and contributors, the topic of stress, or managing stress, has come up quite a few times. I’d figure I would give my own take on this and tell you my story.

Managing stress is already a difficult task. We all go through this on a regular basis. However it has become more challenging during a pandemic. We’re restricted in our activities, and this isn’t something that will help while we attempt to navigate through tough times. For example, I myself play hockey. I’ve played this sport since I was 5. Hockey is my escape; it’s the one thing that puts me in a different world. All of my troubles and worries are put on hold once I put on my gear and get on to the ice. As you can imagine, this hasn’t happened in nearly a year. I have not been on the ice since last March. Hockey, my stress reducer, has been put on hold. By the way things are right now, I’m not sure if our league will start up anytime soon.

For the past 12 months, I have had to accept this reality of not playing my favorite sport. I miss the echoing sound of the puck, I miss making glove saves (I’m a goalie), and I miss the heckling of my performance from my own friends in the stands!

We all have our own story how Covid-19 has affected our stress management. However, there is something we can take out from this. We can’t just rely on one or two things that help us in dealing with stress. We need to have backup plans that can come into play if our primary “go-to” methods become unavailable. This is an important aspect of stress management. In my own case, I can go to an outdoor rink and play on my own. Or in the summer, I can take long bike rides. The options to backup hockey are endless. And you know what, if I really wanted to, I could even build a rink in my own backyard! See what I did there? I just used an idea that could become an awesome project!